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Welcome to Our Church

Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church (USA) is a congregation located in the heart of Joppatowne. We are the kind of church where people find a home. Our church welcomes all.

This Coming Sunday

What is happening on Sunday morning at 11AM? It is the gathering of people from north and south, from east and west -- it is the coming together of a community of people who really care about each other and open their arms to you. At Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church...

Making Space for Faith

Our Beliefs

In making a space for faith, Good Shepherd is changing lives and helping people to grow in God’s love.  The congregation is committed to openness, transformation, joyful service, and spirituality.  […]

Our Worship

Sunday morning worship at Good Shepherd is the weekly gathering point where people come together to share life, encounter God, and make a space for faith. The worship is both contemporary and traditional. […]

Our Children's Center

We offer a full range of child care, full day pre school, part day pre school, and before/after school program. Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church (USA) also offers summer camp for school age children.  […]

The Children's Center at Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church


Where Faith is Fun

Children having fun time learning.

Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church (USA)

622 Joppa Farm Rd, Joppatowne, MD 21085

410-679-3322 Church

410-679-3390 Children's Center

Come for a visit and join us in worship. All are welcome.

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