Welcome to Our Church

Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church (USA) is a congregation located in the heart of Joppatowne.  We currently hold online and in-person Sunday services starting at 11 am. Masks covering nose and mouth and social distancing from those not in your group is required.  We are the kind of church where people find a home. Our church welcomes all.

Our services are currently online as we pray for an end to the Covid 19 crisis. You may find current and back services on our YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmWeD2EBpNUqSr1Sl1Qgnhw

Children's Center Summer Special

We have spots for 3’s and 1st-5th graders for summer.

This Coming Sunday

What is happening on Sunday morning at 11AM? It is the gathering of people from north and south, from east and west -- it is the coming together of a community of people who really care about each other and open their arms to you. At Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church...

Making Space for Faith

Our Beliefs

In making a space for faith, Good Shepherd is changing lives and helping people to grow in God’s love.  The congregation is committed to openness, transformation, joyful service, and spirituality.  […]

Our Worship

Sunday morning worship at Good Shepherd is the weekly gathering point where people come together to share life, encounter God, and make a space for faith. The worship is both contemporary and traditional. […]

Our Children's Center

We offer a full range of child care, full day pre school, part day pre school, and before/after school program. Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church (USA) also offers summer camp for school age children.  […]

The Children's Center at Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church


Where Faith is Fun

Children having fun time learning.

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